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When you decide to allow visitors to shop on your site, you need to make sure their experience is secure, easy, and satisfying. This goes beyond the scope of a basic small business web page. Thus, we suggest budgeting $1750-$2750 for your small business e-commerce web site.

You recieve the same basic features that the standard small business web page offers such as:

  • Quick, responsible work complying with current HTML specifications.
  • Custom design and layout / not a prefab template
  • Use of public domain or personally owned images.
  • Image scanning (images for products not included)
  • Feedback Form Processing.
  • Optimized for Search Engine Placement.
  • Submission to top ten search engines.*See note


  • A Fully Customizeable Database Driven Shopping Cart that you own. No monthly fees. No fees per products. No limits.

Possible Additional Expenses:

  • Domain Name Registration: $35 p/yr
  • Web Hosting (DETAILS): $20-$55
  • Secure Certificate (for secure information transmittal): $100 p/yr.
  • Search Engine Promotion. **See note

*NOTE: All pages are optimized for search engine placement. This involves special permissable content that is collected by search engine "spiders" but not visable to visitors. AskUs does not employ spamming techniques. All our methods are completely acceptable and recommended by search engines for higher placement. However, AskUs cannot guarantee high ranking or inclusion in any particular search engine.

**NOTE: Many popular search engines no longer accept free submissions. Some still accept free submissions, however, those who pay are given higher ranking.

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