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Internet Packages

Mikrotec SuperFast Dial-up Services

SuperFast Dial-up Annual
(includes Propel Accelerator Mikrotec Edition)
Unlimited w/2-emails $ 20.95/month
25 Mb Web space

SuperFast Dial-up Monthly
(includes Propel Accelerator Mikrotec Edition)
Unlimited w/2-emails $ 24.95/month
25 Mb Web space

Dial-up Modem Services

Dialup access includes local access dialing, roaming capabilities over most of eastern and central Kentucky, toll-free technical support, free NON-DOMAIN NAME routed personal web space, email, and total access to the World Wide Web.

Voyager w/1 year contract Unlimited* w/2-emails $16.95/month 25 Mb Web space
Voyager Unlimited* w/2-emails $19.95/month 25 Mb Web space
Odyssey Unlimited* w/3-emails $24.95/month 50 Mb Web space
Educational** Unlimited* $14.95/month no web space
Additional e-mail mailbox 5.00 per month
*Mikrotec services are subject to our Acceptable Usage Policy located at Please check this site regularly for policy procedures and updates.
**Please note that to be eligible for the Educational Plan you must be a certified educator or a full-time college student.


Activation: $25.00 - (Activation Fee is waived if a credit card is used for billing)
External Modem: Free Usage
Network Interface Card: Not Included.

Bellsouth Residential - DSL Plan Download/Upload

Speed: 1.5M/256K
Price: $49.95
Static IP: 1
E-mail Accounts: 10
*Web space: 55 Mb
Dial-up Accounts: 1 Unlimited
News Service: Yes

* Webspace for residential DSL plans are non-commercial and non-domain routed.

Bellsouth Business DSL Plan Download/Upload

Speed: 1.5M/256K
Price: $79.95
Static IP: 1
*E-mail Accounts: 15 Domain Routed also available
*Web space: Level 1 Domain Hosting
Dial-up Accounts: 2 Unlimited
News Service: Yes

Installation Options…

1. Self-Install: Free with 24/7 technical phone support. Must have network card configured and installed prior to activation due date for support.

2. Business Install Package: Quoted on individual case basis. Includes onsite installation, setup of modem and software. Includes setup and configuration of DSL router if needed. DSL routers can be purchased from Mikrotec. Also includes training on how to setup remaining PC's if DSL router is used. Travel time may be additional.

Static IP’s: Additional static IP addresses can be acquired upon customer justification. Additional monthly fees may apply. Please contact Mikrotec's DSL sales department for more information.

Hosting: DSL Business packages include: Domain Name ( hosting with 25mb of disk storage space, 500mb of data transfer per month, CGI, SSI abilities on an Linux server.The hosting included with Business DSL does not support Microsoft FrontPage. If a larger hosting package is needed or if FrontPage will be utilized, Mikrotec will discount accordingly. If customer is moving from another web hosting provider, there is a one time $25.00 activation charge under Mikrotec's Business DSL packages. If you are an existing Mikrotec customer utilizing an existing commercial web hosting plan and/or have several email addresses (more than 2) to convert to Mikrotec's DSL package pricing, there will also be a one time $25.00 charge.

Service Area: DSL Service Not offered in all Bellsouth territories. Please call 1.877.832.6647 or click ”Here” to check availability in your area.

Roaming: *Roaming is for all Mikrotec dial-up locations throughout the state of KY, WV, VA **NOTE: The Unlimited Dialup Account(s) is only available to customers where Mikrotec provides local modem dial-up access. Click "Here" to see our dial-up access areas.

All packages are Priority 1 Service! With above DSL packages there are no restrictions on time limit nor amount of data downloaded placed on the circuit. Mikrotec does not prioritize your bandwidth. In addition to the DSL service, Mikrotec's AUP, located at, will still remain in effect for DSL and all services that may be provided to the customer by Mikrotec.

Common Setup Parameters:
POP Server:
SMTP Server:
Danville Area Number: 944-1000 (Mikrotec's complete list of access numbers)

For Technical Support for Mikrotec call 1(888) 921-2525 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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